This is our story

Our manifesto

“ one ladder from generations to generations”

HBTower adheres to the principle of “low price and high quality, friendly and product”. HBTower is a handmade industrial firm that mainly focuses on producing full ranges of “elite, multi-functional, professional, cost-effective” ladders including home and engineering ladders, and small household appliances for the local ladders and furniture market. With HBTower continuing to steadily grow across the country, we’re trying to establish an influential worldwide international brand over the world in order to realize the interconnection of people, machines, materials, laws, environments, and measurements, as well as the comprehensive integration of logistics, information flow, and value flow.

As the leading supplier in the Amazon household ladder market, HBTower currently covers multiple sites, including our standalone website and our own online brand stores on Walmart and Google Market, we also have European sites, sites in Japan, Hong Kong and China. With decades experiences of technology improvements and comprehensive service accumulations, HBTower has built a leading position in the ladder market with products that are “diverse in functionality, powerful, capable of bearing heavy loads, easy to store, and suitable for various industries”. Our ladders are widely used in major service and maintenance industries, including electrical and chemical engineering, construction and agricultural cultivation indutry(suit for painting, plumbers, power maintenance, construction workers, roofing, house repairs, horticulturists and fruit tree cultivation).

Based on the service principle of “creating value for customers, providing convenience, passing on the good ptoduct qualities from generation to generation,” HBTower provides varieties of ladders targeting users who have specific needs from different age groups in various scenarios and industries which achieve the effect of “one ladder with varied purposes, multi-values and recyclable use” in order to achieve the aim of reduce the need for repetitive selection processes, lower the unnecessary consumption costs, and avoid single-use results that only serve a one-time purpose. This concept aligns with our major idea of “one ladder for generations, where people continue to benefit from the ladder.”